Evidence for Intelligent Design: Short Summary

(Reading time: 2-3 min.)

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A popular myth about this universe is that there is no God that designed and maintains it. They say the well-oiled machine spontaneously emerged from and stayed stable using highly-chaotic, chance events. The scientific method says we must work from real-world observations to theories explaining them. We never observe precise, useful, and orderly things emerging from chaotic, destructive events. So, anyone saying we were created that way isn't doing science.

Your own experiences confirm that. You've seen storms, fireworks, and other chaotic events. They might have produced short-lived patterns. I bet no machines, living beings, or universes came out of them, though. If anything, they create debris and throw stuff around. They create more disorder. Across human history, we've observed billions of chaotic events: artists throwing paint on boards, games involving chance, and fireworks shows on July 4. In all this time, we've seen no orderly, well-maintained designs come flying out of all that chaos. It's a scientific fact that this doesn't happen.

On the contrary, all deliberate, well-engineered tools and designs were made by humans. The most, scientific test we can do is comparing the universe's design to chaotic events and tools made by humans. Which does it look more like?

In the universe itself, dozens of components must work and interact just right for it to exist. Same for life itself. Many are more precise than anything humans have engineered. That shows design.

The other problem is wear and tear: everything wears out due to the laws of physics. Anything we build needs intelligent maintainers or active preservation. The universes' precise machinery must stay stable for every second of the day for all of human history. If it doesn't, all life and the universe dies off. Something is keeping it running. Our universe must therefore be both designed and maintained by a higher power, or God.

Famous, non-Christian scientists admit all of this (see 1, 2, and 3) about the universe. They still refuse to admit the obvious cause. Instead of Occam's Razor ("God did it"), they push ideas like string theory that ignore these observations to build on imaginary things we can't even measure or test. That's not science. If it was a God, is there one whose attribute and writings predict or match what we've observed?

Let's see what the Bible teaches and predicts in its writings. It says God spoke the universe into existence from nothing, stretched it out (expanded it) around our round planet, made its laws fixed/reliable as a symbol of how He provides for us, created its astronomical features for us to marvel at, made our unlikely Moon to remind us of Him, made everything look designed so we'd seek Him, and made it unnecessarily pleasing to the senses for our enjoyment. While many theories came and went, the Word of God actually got many things right about our universe.

Trust in the Word of God, not man. Start by reading His Gospel (approx 4 min.). Read it with a humble, open mind asking God to speak to your heart. His Spirit will let you know His Word is true.

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