Evidence for the Gospel

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I hope you've already heard the Gospel. If not, please read it here. In it, Jesus told us He's the only way to know our true purpose, have inner peace regardless of cirumstances, and receive eternal life. The Word of God itself says most people won't believe this or will find it offensive. Although some hear His call, others want more reasons or evidence this came from God. That's what this page provides. Since I work a lot, I'll add more links below as I have time.

Let's start with a brief statement that shows the combined reasons to believe in the Bible. That is, the many forms of evidence. Then, we'll expand it a bit. Then, link to the details so you can explore whatever jumps out at you.

Why I Believe the Bible (shortest version)

In short, the Bible is the Word of God as proven by historical evidence, thousands of years of testimony by diverse sources, its ability to predict the future, the miracles that follow it, and its inexplicable ability to transform the lives of all people who encounter it with the same unchanging message.

Why I Believe the Bible (expanded version)

The Bible, or Word of God, is a collection of writings about historical and supernatural events that claims to come from God. The Word of God contains 60+ volumes written by more than 40 authors in three languages... across three continents... over a period of 1,500 years. These people came from all walks of life: fishermen, doctors, and kings; men and women. Most never met each other. Despite that, their testimonies combine into a consistent story about who God is, who we are, and His Plan for our lives.

To prove its divine origin, the Word of God uses nature, prophecies, and miracles. God's Word says He made the universe *look* designed. Even famous atheists marvel at what looks like a fine-tuned, consistent design. God's Word repeatedly predicts future events in specific detail hundreds of years in advance. These prophecies are about individuals, countries, the world (two examples), and the coming Savior, Jesus Christ. Hundreds of them describe the person and life of Jesus before He appears (examples). Unlike other religious leaders, Jesus and His followers also performed many miracles: supernatural acts only God could enable. Both the nature and reporting style of the miracles read like eyewitness testimony, not mythical storytelling. Historic writings shows the early church succeeded against dozens of false religions partly because only Christians could perform those miracles.

Finally, the Word of God affected people in a way no other written work has. Works of fiction or propaganda try to make their content appealling by closely aligning to human motivations and/or changing their message to fit local cultures. We instead give everyone the same message from 2,000 years ago that goes against most human motivations. If just a story, it should've disappeared quickly. Instead, the Word of God impacted over two billion people from all backgrounds in 197 countries. It also massively impacted Western civilization and American culture.Against all odds, it got the very results God said it would.