Why I Believe the Bible: Faith + Overwhelming Evidence

I hope you've already heard the Gospel. If not, please read it here. In it, Jesus told us He's the only way to know our true purpose, have inner peace regardless of cirumstances, and receive eternal life. The Word of God itself says most people won't believe this or will find it offensive. Although some hear His call, others want more reasons or evidence this came from God. That's what this page provides. Since I work a lot, I'll add more links below as I have time.

Let's start with a brief statement that shows the combined reasons to believe in the Bible. That is, the many forms of evidence. Then, we'll expand it a bit. Then, link to the details so you can explore whatever jumps out at you.

Why I Believe the Bible (shortest version)

In short, the Bible is the Word of God as proven by thousands of years of testimony by diverse sources, science confirming it, its ability to predict the future, the miracles that follow it, its unlikely impact on over a billion people (including me), and that it transforms all who surrender their lives to Jesus Christ. Inside and out. God promises then delivers results only He can.

Why I Believe the Bible (expanded version)

The Bible, or Word of God, is a collection of writings about historical and supernatural events that claims to come from God. The Word of God contains 60+ volumes written by more than 40 authors in three languages... across three continents... over a period of 1,500 years. These people came from all walks of life: fishermen, doctors, and kings; men and women. Most never met each other. Despite that, their testimonies combine into a consistent story about who God is, who we are, and His Plan for our lives.

To prove its divine origin, the Word of God uses nature, prophecies, miracles, and its own impact.

Our Universe's Design

God's Word says that the universe itself will testify to His truth. He started by making everything look designed. Even famous atheists marvel at what looks like a fine-tuned, consistent design whose precision outperforms all feats of human engineering. From fireworks shows to natural events, billions of observations by humans have never shown well-oiled machines or living things spontaneously emerging from chaotic events. Working from what we observe, the obvious explanation is a designer of unfathomable knowledge and power both designed and currently maintains our universe. I drafted a short article with more detail and links to check out.


God's Word repeatedly predicts future events hundreds of years in advance. Unlike Nostradamus and horoscopes, these aren't vague claims that could apply to almost anything. These prophecies are detailed claims about individuals, countries, the world today, and the coming Savior, Jesus Christ. There's also prophetic types, or recurring patterns, that hint at the future. God uses them to sign His work like some artists do. Many of them describe the person and life of Jesus before He appears (examples). Prophecies also predicted the coming Savior would perform miracles never seen before. He'd wield control over nature, illness, and even death itself.


Unlike other religious leaders, Jesus and His followers also performed many miracles: supernatural acts only God could enable. Both the nature and reporting style of the miracles read like eyewitness testimony, not mythical storytelling. Unlike other figures (esp today's), nobody disputed that Jesus could do miracles. Even His enemies testified to His unique power before trying to use that against Him. Crowds followed Him everywhere just wanting to see His power at work. His main followers (Apostles) worked similar miracles with a massive number of people coming to Christ as a result. The number of miracles peaked around that time to highlight its importance.

Miracles kept occurring, though. Historic writings show the early church succeeded against dozens of false religions partly because only Christians could perform those miracles. Even today, people across the globe report many answered prayers, some being miracles, after asking Jesus Christ for His help. One scholar surveyed them (great review/summary). For shorter and free read, see Lectures 4 and 5 from his Acts course.

Like before, there's a pattern of people with a lot to lose hearing the Gospel, reporting a miracle done in Jesus' name, and giving up all they have to follow Jesus Christ. That includes enemies of Christ. Then, other skeptics that know them believe it must have happened for real. Many of them end up receiving Christ as Lord and Savior. That's the same pattern we see in the Gospels.

The Best (and Worst) Eyewitnesses

The Gospels are built on eyewitness testimony. People trying to get a big myth going would try to use sources that people in that time period would find acceptable. They'd have likely been all men, competent, believable, clear, and with matching stories. The people Jesus chose were nothing like that. They're ordinary, honest people straining to put into words events that changed their lives and the world forever.

Measurable, Unlikely, Global Impact

Finally, the Word of God affected people in a way no other written work has. Works of fiction or propaganda try to make their content appealing by closely aligning to human motivations and/or changing their message to fit local cultures. Psychologists tell you people have to get something out of it. Marketing experts tell you the message must fit the audience's expectations for best results. We instead give everyone the same message from 2,000 years ago that goes against most human motivations. If just a story, it should disappear quickly.

Instead, the Word of God impacted around two billion people from all backgrounds in over 197 countries. Thousands of people groups, men/women, people who used to be transgender, straight/gay, rich/poor, atheists, people who tried everything... all types impacted and transformed by Jesus Christ through His Word. That makes the Word probably both the most powerful and inclusive work ever made. These people also valued who they found so much many even chose death over giving Him up.

As a book, the Bible was also the first book printed, was translated over 2000 times, and was or is the best selling book in history. It also massively impacted Western civilization and American culture. Against all odds, it got the very results God said it would. God still uses it the same way today. You just have to read it with a humble attitude, open mind, and ask Him to speak through His Word. You'll know it's different. You'll know He's speaking to your heart.

Personal Observations: Many Benefits, No Regrets

But maybe it doesn't matter to you. You feel like life is going well, you're in control, and so on. You don't feel that you need anything like that. I was a non-believer serving the general public, about 30,000 people, for a long time. I listened to what they said and watched how they lived. Many who once didn't need God usually lost something or someone of great value that had them really down. They finally asked the hard questions. A paramedic told me even more did facing death. Christians walking closely with God were noticeably different: they had an inner peace, joy, and sense of purpose others didn't have. They even had that facing horrible abuse and losses. Why were they consistent when people's made-up beliefs usually fell apart?

When Jesus brought me back to Him, He gave me the same gifts. I experienced a certainty He's there that's unlike anything else. He also transformed my life for the better at a time, COVID, where others just got worse. Everyone I met walking with Jesus feels better off for it. My question for you is: why wait until you're at your worst to seek the truth and have God in your life? Why not seek Him while you're doing well so He can help you truly be at your very best? And, if worse must come, why not prepare for and endure it with Him?


The Bible is the Word of God, there's strong evidence for that, its impact is unprecedented, and it's totally worth your time.

Jesus is real, He's transformed all who trusted Him, He's promised to give us eternal life with Him, and He's worth surrendering your life to.

Start by reading His Gospel. Read it with a humble, open mind asking God to speak to your heart. His Spirit will let you know His Word is true.

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Credits: This was originally highlights from "Why I Believe the Bible" by Voddie Bauchum. Then, I redid it while keeping some of the best parts of our brother's work. Public domain like everything else. Use and remix it. Serve the Lord.