The Gospel of Jesus Christ (in Minutes)

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Quick Summary

Essentials of God's Word with built-in answers to common questions. Reading time: 3-4 min.

"Tell Me the Story!"

The Big Picture of the Bible with God's Word sprinkled in as references. With a mouse, text hovers over the link. Reading time: about 7 min plus whatever verses you read.

"But Isn't the Bible Just a Good Story?"

I test that by rephrasing the Bible's impact as a fictional story. If anything, God being behind it looks more believable. What do you think?

"Show Me the Proof!"

Quick proof it's true like in a courtroom. People often put their faith in individuals, media people, textbooks, studies, etc. In part or whole, people live by what they say. The Bible dwarfs them in sheer volume of evidence that it's the truth. Whatever it says should have more weight.

His Word has power: it's already impacted over a billion people. Your final decision to accept or reject His message will decide your future for eternity. It will also dramatically impact your current life. Please humble yourself before God asking He speaks to you.

My story is here (video) (6 min). It also proves the Bible is true. If you want, you can also contact me on the Facebook page or here by email.