LGBT is Not Your Real Identity

I know and love many people who identify as LGBT. You are tempted to pursue unnatural relationships that go against God's design. Acting on those urges is a sin because it's contrary to God's design. That aspect isn't any different from heterosexuals acting on obsessions with women, gambling, or drinking. We all have selfish cravings that displease God, and hurt individuals and society. Many assume LGBT is either normal or just a personal choice. That it's "victimless."

We now have data on many types of lifestyles. The temptation for same-sex attraction may or may not be genetic. Even if it was, people in LGBT relationships often have serious issues in their childhood, either family or sexual abuse. That probably leads them to move away from opposite sex to act on their same-sex attraction. It's easier than confronting the pain inside of them. Countless studies show higher promiscuity, higher infection by deadly diseases, passing it onto others more often, and lying about it. See CDC, too. That's not victimless: that's potentially deadly. Here's a short proof that LGBT practices hurt us.

We'll go over a few topics here. Older studies show children develop better in households following God's design. Same-sex marriage has harmful disadvantages. Trans people all have one, mental illness (dysphoria) with brain studies recently confirming theirs are wired differently (i.e. a visible disability). Most have another mental illness with many killing themselves. Many regret sex change.

On top of it, the LGBT movement is pushing these practices on our children. Kids normally go through phases before stabilizing into one role. Instead of responding to their questions, they're pushed early on to question their sexual orientation, gender, and identity. Teachers are incentivized to find and focus on these kids. Instead of stable growth, the kids are anxiously facing record levels of confusion with new types of social abuses happening, too. Profit-driven groups are also pushing children to do irreversible damage to themselves despite how most change their minds after puberty without medical intervention. The combined LGBT movement is provably damaging to society from individuals to children to broad effects.

What Do Ex-LGBT People Say?

Many of you in LGBT lifestyles might wonder: "If what we feel or crave leads to sin, does God really love us? How could He let us struggle so much? Is Jesus worth giving up how we're living?" Yes, He loves you! Yes, He is worth it!

I'd rather you hear it from people like you, though. People who have been where you are. After praying that, I stumbled on this site made by people having "same-sex temptation" who found Jesus, experienced His love, were transformed by it, and want to share that with others like them (everyone actually). It cost some people everything. They say they'd never turn back. Later, I found other people's stories and sites. I'll add more over time.

The first site is here. It centers on a book they made to support others struggling as they do. Yet, it relies on the same Gospel with the same promises God's Word makes to all who repent and trust in Christ. Just as there's no Jew or Gentile, there's no straight or gay. We're all in it together focusing on the hope laid up for us in heaven. We'll have new bodies, new lives, and God will wipe every tear from every eye.

Outside of that site, I also found these resources for gay and trans people: "Gay Girl, Good God" (many folks loved it); XOutLoud; DesiringGod.

Their Stories (my favorites)

Rosaria Butterfield - A lesbian activist and professor living what looks like a dream life with her girlfriend and friends. Couldn't stand Christians. Meeting Jesus made her give all that up. Later, married a man on top of serving many struggling with these issues.

Michael Edward Ukas - Michael's background included gang rape, family issues, and hopelessness. That and evil people led him to hedonistic lifestyle filling emptiness with drugs and all kinds of sex. Became a prostitute. During a natural disaster, God called him back and transformed his life.

Anacleta Paredes and Her GF - A lesbian couple of 6 years that turned to drugs to fill emptiness they started feeling. Just messed their life up more. They found Jesus, He transformed them, they realized they were in sin, they intentionally broke up, and now they're best friends and sisters in Christ bringing His love to others.

Chandan - An effiminent guy in a Hindu family. The only guy that was good to him took advantage of that sexually. The mockery of straight people kept him wanting to die. He stayed with men. Fake gospels appealing to gay people gave a hint he needed God. He called to him. He went to a church to weep for a friend but found Jesus instead. Although hated by Hindu family and locals, he now has a new life in Jesus.

Ex-LGBT Conference - This testimony is about a conference where ex-LGBT Christians are organizing. I'm linking to it for the list that shows how Christ reaches people of all types in all places. Some of the "After's" show how Christ empowered these people to serve God.

Matthew Karchner - This guy says he sold his soul to the god of this world: a beautiful, rich man that he lived the high life with. Clubs, celebrities, and so on. Lived the gay life in the big cities before it started crashing down. Even his dog committed suicide. Life got worse until he found Jesus. He followed imperfectly (as we all do) but grew from there. Unusual side-note: Jesus's prophecy that end times would come with a large increase in things like earthquakes, which he was seeing, was part of what got his attention.

ex-Gay and ex-Trans - One heck of a picture but no name. Fatherless, molested, and without immediate family. Started being attracted to guys. Then, identified as female becoming transgender woman. Led him down a rough road. Eventually found Jesus, stopped what he was doing, became a minister, and helps others struggling with same things.

Becket Cook - Hollywood production designer living life others dream about, including going to Oscars and Golden Globes. He was a gay atheist whose Catholic background made him know it was a sin, didn't want to give up his life, and would mock or throw drinks at Christians. He stayed with other "misfits" like him. After hearing the Gospel, he was later overcome by God's holiness in a way that inexplicably undid his whole life. He came to Jesus, is no longer interested in men, and spends Friday nights with Jesus and other believers.

Shirley - Believed she was born gay, had faith in God (close to Him), and tossed it in her 20's to go with lesbianism and alcoholism. Missed being close to God. Felt He must be cruel for creating her this way. He eventually answered her prayers in a way that made her go "cold turkey" on that lifestyle. She also writes about why she thinks detachment causes many to turn to homosexual desires. Although she planned to be celibate, pursuing Jesus and what He wanted in her life led her to Pete: a husband she's been happily married to for 26 years. She has a whole life through her "first love, Jesus."

(Read the Gospel with proof it's true. Learn to live and share it.)