The Pope is Infallible?

They invented the Pope, said Peter was the first, and that the Pope is infallible. They started with a Bible misinterpretation that said Peter couldn't be wrong or had all authority. That's easy to counter: Paul opposed Peter who "stood condemned." If Catholics were right, Paul couldn't argue with Peter. Later, the Popes contradicted and opposed each other. Remember what God's Word said about contradicting Scripture?

The Pope claims authority equal to the Word of God. The Catholic Church keeps adding more teachings to the Word. Yet, we just read that the canon is closed. Remember that John warned you are condemned if you add to the Word of God.

The Pope isn't infallible. He's just a human. He's committing serious sins by pretending to speak for God. Jesus also warns not to lead others to sin. The next sections have false teachings most Popes are guilty of.

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