Worked Miracles

Jesus performed miracles: supernatural acts that only God could perform. His Apostles did the same. Nobody doubted their miracles: both Jesus’ enemies and con artists like Simeon the Magician knew they were real. The type, number, and consistency of their miracles was greater than any group before or after them.

God said we'd know who carried his authority. Those people would have divine abilities. If they didn't, they were liars whose teachings we ignore. Catholic popes and priests that contradict Jesus' Gospel can't perform miracles. They don't accurately predict the future. They can't heal the sick, raise the dead, and rebuke storms with their mere words. They don't have the power of God. That's because they don't really speak for Him.

There are Catholics who say that Mary or someone appeared to heal them. Unlike Jesus, people who look into those healings think they were fake. Even if they're real, God's Law says that even prophets and miracle workers can't contradict His Word. If they do, their power didn't really come from Him. We'll see contradictions in the False Teachings section.

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