Saved by Our Good Works? (No!)

The Catholic Church teaches we have to do many works to be saved: repentance, baptism, confessions, charity, and so on. We have to work our way to heaven even after what Jesus did. The Pharisees said similar things in Jesus' time. He countered them.

Jesus invited all who are burdened to come to Him because His burden is light. Compared to religious people, Jesus will provide rest for our souls. We've already discussed how Jesus does that by saving us Himself. He bore the burden for us in His life and on the cross.

Some object that the Bible requires good works. What about that?

James said real faith produces real change. After surrendering to Jesus, God changes our hearts, puts His Spirit into us, and begins transforming us into new people. The fruits grow from the root. Jesus says real Christians will persevere because His Spirit preserves us.

We will still be judged at the end of our lives. Although Jesus paid for our sins, we will still gain or loose eternal rewards for how we lived. We live for God because He is worthy of it. He also rewards us for it eternally.

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