Quick Gospel (3+ min)

The Bible, or Word of God, says all things were created through and for God. A perfect being who does what He pleases. He created everyone to give Him glory and honor for His perfection. He created a Paradise, or perfect world, for us to live in. He'd keep us there with Him forever in peace and joy with everything we'd ever need. All that He commanded was that we love and obey Him first. Then, love others as ourselves. Simple enough.

Then, first humans selfishly betrayed their God. In anger, God took away their perfect world and bodies. People kept acting worse. We turn away from Him, abuse His name, and use and abuse each other. We lie, cheat, steal, be violent... We put our luxuries above others' needs. We're in love with ourselves. Many of us waste our bodies, talents, and lives. Everyone chooses to sin, or become God's enemy.

A just God never lets the guilty walk. His anger burns against His enemies. He says He'll punish them by putting them in a lake of fire with no end. Ever been burned? You'll do anything to make it stop, right? Nothing is worth that.

Yet, God says He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. In His love and mercy, He wants us to turn and live. How can God redeem His enemies without letting their sins go unpunished? God said He'd send someone to solve the problem. God's prophets made dozens of predictions about His life and the supernatural acts (or miracles) He'd perform. If these happened, it had to be our Savior.

Jesus Christ, God in human flesh, showed up. He lived and struggled just like us. Unlike us, He obeyed God's Law and loved others perfectly. All the prophecies came true, He did miracles in front of crowds of people, and could even raise the dead. He asked we repent and follow Him to be saved. Humanity rejected Him, beat/stripped/mocked Him, tortured Him for hours, and suffocated Him to death. God's only Son. He could've let us go but He stayed on that cross. For His perfect life and sacrifice, God raised Him from the dead on the 3rd day, gave Him all authority, and Jesus decides who makes it now.

Jesus took the punishment for our sins, served our prison sentence for us, on the cross. Romans says most wouldn't die even for a good person but while we were sinners (God's enemies) Christ died for us. Heaven is like an exclusive club we can never work our way into. Jesus got there and promised to bring all His followers with Him. For each of us, He wipes our crimes off the sheet, just stamps His perfect name on it, and we're ushered in. We get His free gift of eternal life. What must we do?

"Now repent of your sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away." (Acts 3:19)

He says we must know He's God, confess we're unworthy sinners, promise to turn our life around (or repent), surrender our lives to Him, and be baptized to publicly show our commitment. He promises He'll raise us, too. Meanwhile, God gives us His Spirit to help us live and love more like Jesus every day. Now, we walk with the very creator who knitted us together in the womb, knew every flaw, and loved us enough to die for us. We learn to live out His purpose for us.

Far from easy, we'll be righteous people in an evil world who might suffer and die for that. Jesus promises to judge all who've ever lived for every thought, word, and deed. Anyone who rejected Him is judged for their sins. Those who accepted Him are rewarded for every sacrifice for God and others. The consequences last forever. Choose wisely. Surrender your life to Jesus.

How to Accept Jesus as Lord

Say this to Him (pray): "Dear God, I know that I am an unworthy sinner and there is nothing that I can do to earn your salvation. I know that Jesus is your Son, that He died on the cross for my sins, and was raised from the dead. I believe He paid the price for my sin and will give eternal life to those who believe in and follow Him. I am willing to turn away from my sins ("to repent"). I repent and accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Thank you God for giving me forgiveness, eternal life, and hope. I ask this in Jesus' name and thank you for hearing and saving me. Amen (the end)."

You pray that, start living as a believer, and be baptized to publicly demonstrate your faith. The evidence you did this is that the Holy Spirit will change your heart, or begin "sanctifying" you, to make you yearn to be more like Jesus. A need to love God and others more will begin to overflow out of your heart. You will need to spend time with God daily, studying His Word and praying, to grow as a believer. Join a local church that focuses on these things to help you do that. You will probably also face suffering in a world that hates God and righteousness. Endure it to the end since He is worth it.

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